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We wanted them to feel in charge and comfortable with what they chose to share. When they talked to us about the significance of these photographs, it helped us realize that we have much more in common with them than we would believe. Migrants are talked about in such an emotionally distanced way that they seem less human, when in fact they are people with skills, love for the arts, cooking, entrepreneurs, and love for their families. At the U.S.- Mexico border, they are more than just victims; they are survivors. The experience of crossing the border is surreal, because as soon as one steps into the city, everything seems to come alive.

When Lekas Miller fell in love with a Syrian photojournalist in Turkey, she never dreamed their relationship would force her to rethink the nature of citizenship. Lekas Miller interweaves an account of overcoming border politics to marry with stories of how other couples fought the government policies that tore them apart. In remembering the way the Muslim ban forbade Salem from following the author to the U.S., she tells of the trials faced by another couple from the Middle East. Amal, a woman still living in Yemen, and Mohammed, who had begun a life in New York, struggled to be together in the wake of Trump’s racist law. In order for them to be together, Mohammed had to go back to Yemen during wartime, marry Amal in secret, return to the U.S. to apply for her visa, and then wait for more than a year. Lekas Miller followed Salem to Iraq, where the two concocted a plan to live together and build documents needed to help them apply for an American spouse visa.

  • She offers courses through her website, ranging from how to get a date to setting boundaries and being an emotional warrior.
  • Fingerprints of the Gods is the revolutionary rewrite of history that has persuaded millions of listeners throughout the world to change their preconceptions about the history behind modern society.
  • Presently, Naeem continues to work as a licensed social worker in the Greater Houston area of Texas.
  • As free trade agreements expand and nation-states open doors widely for products and profits while closing them tightly for refugees and migrants, these transnational families are not only becoming more common, but they are living through lengthier separations.

The premise for Bravo’s Love Without Borders involves five Americans putting their faith in the hands of the show’s experts and the host, relationship coach Arica Angelo, to find true and lasting love. They pack their bags, head to the airport to board a plane to an unknown country, and gear up for the adventure of a lifetime. Many of the migrants we spoke to were mothers, fathers, and even grandmothers who braved their fears in hopes of attaining a better future for their families and children. Through the stories of their love and aspirations for their children, we were given the opportunity to glimpse the reason why they decided to migrate and leave their homes. Love Across Borders is an anthology of short stories about human relationships across the border, conceived and published by Indireads as a literary and civic initiative. Items in stock will ship from the US in approximately 2 business days.

Gurleen Virk

Whether or not anyone gets close to the altar or even falls in love Dating a Lebanese woman in the first season of Love Without Borders, the cast is at least willing to get to the point of the latter. They were chosen because they’re all at a point in their lives where they’re ready for the next step, but they haven’t had the best luck with finding partners. Anna Lekas Miller is a writer and journalist who covers stories of the ways that conflict and migration shape the lives of people around the world.


Serving customers around the world for years, we help thousands find just the books they’re looking for — at incredibly low, bargain prices. A small-town optometrist leaves his job and family to find love on the other side of the world. A hopeful single comes face-to-face with her dream man in a new country. A clean freak from Atlanta tries a new life abroad. In an interview with Galveston Daily News, Angelo said she spoke to the singles about what they wanted and what was not working for them in their previous relationships. Angelo began her career as a dating coach back in 2008 posting videos on YouTube. She offers courses through her website, ranging from how to get a date to setting boundaries and being an emotional warrior.

It’s no surprise that LGBTQI+ groups have been some of the most vocal and active in supporting refugee and immigrant communities across Europe and the USA. It’s not only that queer asylum seekers often face insurmountable hurdles when asked to provide evidence of their life and relationships to their destination countries. This community also bring a broader understanding, born out of centuries of experience, of what it means for your choice of partner to be invisible, rejected or attacked by the state. The deeply unsettling feeling that I may be treated as a second-class citizen in my own country, that my rights and those of my partner may be curtailed or withdrawn, is the norm for vast swathes of the population.

Children of migrant and mixed families grow up navigating two cultural universes, and often crafting their own. As these new ‘roots’ unfold, migration also shapes the ties with those in the place of origin and creates new forms of kinship solidarity and transnational care, from remittances to family group chats, reinventing the ways in which we ‘do family’. These slogans aren’t only about extending compassion to the strangers around us, or the rights of couples to be together regardless of their passport or immigration status. They’re also about the basic human drive to come together across divides. We urgently need to harness this drive, whatever the future may bring. In the US, the institution of marriage has traditionally been a ‘golden loophole.’ Undocumented immigrants married to American citizens were rarely deported under President Obama, but Trump hasupended this consensus. Marriage in America, as in Britain, is no longer enough to guarantee the right to live with your spouse.

While borders are closing down, the flow of people across the globe is also forging new connections. Gurleen is a program manager from San Diego who was looking for a change in the dating scene and certainly got one on Love Without Borders. Her Instagram shows her to be a loving dog mom with an adventurous spirit, with pictures showing her all over the world, from the Grand Canyon to a rainforest in Costa Rica. Fans will have to wait and see how her relationship goes with Shreyas after discovering he lives under one roof with his entire family. Aaron is a 31-year-old looking for love outside his native South Dakota and gets matched with Maël Lucas from Paris. He works as a programmer and shows a lot of pride in his work through his many Instagram posts. Aaron is used to moving around from the looks of his page, as he has shared pictures from his time living in Los Angeles, Chicago, Florida, and Arizona before leaving for his greatest adventure yet.

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