In Rio de Janeiro’s favelas, a new online tool tackles violence against women and girls Office of the Secretary-Generals Envoy on Youth

Brazil also doesn´t have many natural quality sightseeing places that are easy to visit in terms of infrastructure and accessibility. Its nature is a beauty, but its access is limited and hard. Our trip was back in 2006 so I always find it interesting the amount of comments I still get on this post.

  • Be a gentleman and wait to turn the date in a more sexual nature after you have met them and feel like they are ready.
  • PS. I’ve never had a similar experience in ANY Latin country, and I’ve been to 6 of them .
  • In 2012, the Safe Cities programme started off with surveys involving women, men and youth residents of the ten favelas.
  • That is the question to many men who have never been to Brazil and doubt whether it’s worth getting acquainted with beautiful Brazilian girls on the streets.
  • Summers are very hot with temperatures reaching even 40 °C.

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Only dress up if going to an expensive restaurant / bar, and get a taxi then. The pickpocket risk in Rio is at a high level since tourists and teenagers are considered easy targets for criminals. Thieves are usually on the beaches or crowded buses and streets.

However, transportation is a spot where getting local advice is important. Our trip planners tell us that riding city buses can be dangerous, especially at night where pickpockets and muggers operate—some of the buses stop in the favelas. But locals say that in a city like Rio, you’ll find that some neighborhoods are safer than others . Brazilians saw their income shrink during the pandemic. With fewer job offers and basic products getting increasingly costly, life in cities became more expensive. Although this context affected everyone, women were left more vulnerable than men. Black and brown women were harder hit than white women, since the pandemic exacerbated Brazil’s social inequalities and issues rooted in structural racism.

It’s the shear expression of spiteful pleasure on their face that is disturbing, even when they have caused you only the smallest delay. Again the more polite you are the more it rubs them up the wrong way. A genuine concerned smile with a “thank you for your time” can have very unpredictable results. I was at a colleagues apartment in Rio for dinner.

Learn a bit of Portuguese

Everyone has different experiences and I’m happy to hear you loved Rio . I had a friend who recently went and she has the same feelings about the Brazilians – just didn’t find them friendly. Yes, the Olympics would I think be the worst time to go.

Museu de Arte do Rio

You’re only truly safe in hotels or gated communities. However a gang of women surrounded my then partner and was talking to him asking him to buy certain items while another rooted in his back pocket until I turned around. So please keep your items out of reach and not in back pockets or even front ones, it really is down to common sense.

Sarah Brown is co-founder ofNow in Rio, a travel and culture website about Rio de Janeiro for both tourists and anyone interested in Brazil. Armed assaultsdo exist in Rio – but their probability is slim. The huge majority of tourists will have no problems whatsoever so don’t let this possibility taint your trip. If you are assaulted by a thief who is armed, simply hand over your items – do not attempt to negotiate, fight back, run away, or scream. In these cases, the thieves use weapons simply to make the robbery quick and easy for them and as long as you cooperate, there is no reason for the criminals to act aggressively.

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